Airstreams are the ultimate icon of the all-American vacation. With over 80 years on the market, the Airstream brand has survived multiple generations and is now thriving with a recent spike in demand. These sleek, metal trailers are truly one-of-a-kind. No other RV on the market has the same look, feel, or appeal as Airstream. We think its unique, vintage style has enticed an entirely new generation of adventure seekers to explore America on wheels, while continued attention to quality keeps older generations coming back for more. Millennials, to whom looking cool means everything, would probably never be caught dead in a boxy, more run-of-the-mill RV reminiscent of Uncle Eddy’s clunker in National Lampoon’s Christmas. But, they are loving Airstreams because the retro-chic design makes a statement (and photographs well in the background of all their selfies) and the wanderlust appeal of the open roads speaks to their searching souls. Older generations like Baby Boomers love Airstream, because it’s a brand they grew up with. Baby Boomers love the quality American-made craftsmanship that goes into every trailer that rolls off the lot. Whatever your reasons for loving the Airstream, young and old alike can agree that Airstreams make a great, comfortable way to adventure around the country, see new sites and return to old favorites, while building memories of a lifetime.

The Central Association for Airstream Travelers is a group of Airstream-loving, adventure seekers who love everything about the iconic brand and the lifestyle it enables them. Young and old, the passion for the Airstream life brings this community together to share our stories, our travels, and our love of the Airstream.